Skills: Duplex 2012-2018

Video-Salon, Curatorial Rebound Project / 2006 – 2016

Video-Salon 6 is a collective exhibition of video art gathering more than 400 video art works: this is a fragmentary panorama of a contemporary activity whose formal multiplicity and abundance coerce us into questioning the reality of what is “visual”, its temporality and its mobility. We have no other ambition here than to open up a crack in the video-graphic universe, to give a glimpse of the richness and multiplicity of the medium form, with no attempt at extracting one or several tendencies that would serve to somehow refine an act of showing what intends to be purely “raw”. No subjects, no central questions, no techniques, no set time limit. The curatorial work functions by ricochet.

The gallery invites numerous artists and several curators, and each artist can invite another, who in turn can submit the work of a third artist, etc. The video collection is also made up with all videos which have been showed in the gallery since 2004, and by donations from artists as well.

Video-Salon presents a free and empirical principle of accumulation of works, to which the spontaneity of the presentation corresponds: cosy salon, free access to more than 400 videos, monitors, flat screens and DVD players.

Video-Salon 6 will exhibit more than 60 new videos that are now part of the collection. This new edition will also welcome a new section titled « Video-Salon Film ».

Video-Salon#6, exhibition view, 2016