Supermarket 2016

Skills: Outdoor Projects

Supermarket 2016, Stockholm Independant Art Fair with a project represented by Fabrice Croux, Jérémy Glatre, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Pascale Riou.

The Duplex booth becomes a collective space, curated with l’Association pour l’Agencement des Activités (AAA) inviting Museum of Museum (MoM), Idoine, Le Cahier, La Souche and Dick head man Records (DhmR). All of those projects are connected together. Here you can see a part of the constellation map. Different editing projects are shown : all of them are inviting another like a chain reaction. La Souche coats the walls with its posters exhibitions inviting all of the other guests. On the furnitures made by MoM is a selection of our books like Side Effects, DhmR – Une Anthologie, Pas par là/Takhle Ne, Idoine Magazine, Le Cahier, Introduction to Contemporary Art in BiH, etc. The booth also hosts a programming video projection of DhmR.