Supermarket 2017

Skills: Outdoor Projects

Supermarket Art Fair / Stockholm / 23-26 March 2017

Presented Artists : Enrico Dagnino, Radenko Milak, Bojan Stojčić

More than a million people today are on the road to exodus. A distressing result of the growing irresponsibility of those who govern us, hidden warmly in their silver towers and arbitrarily deciding the war to be made here and there, to bombard this or that type of population, always exploiting the good old arguments of a democracy which everyone revers. Everyone knows that these policies are essentially linked to economy and the search for profits at the expense of most citizens.

So today we are surprised. « But what do all these refugees do at our borders? » I recently heard in a TV talk show of a distressing vulgarity!

Little more than 20 years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina was burnt and bloody, turn apart by the folly of men and nationalism. Hundreds of thousands of people found refuge in many European countries. Most of the time a nice welcome was reserved for them!

So, what happened since then? What happened to Europe to get to this point! The answer is simple: it seems that everything is done to make us fear the other, to make us fear the one who comes from elsewhere … There is a decline of identity and nationalism all over Europe, capitalist system and individualism are winning over our democratic societies! If that is what we want, we are running toward a very difficult tomorrow.

Built as a dialogue between works on the theme of migration, Duplex100m2 stand will feature works by the great photo reporter Enrico Dagnino, the fantastic painter Radenko Milak, who will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the next Venice Biennale, as well as the young and promising artist Bojan Stojčić.

Pierre Courtin