LOUIS JAMMES – Art Market Budapest – 6/9 October 2022 – Budapest – Hungary


On my way to Budapest ! One more time for the Art Market Budapest. This year, in the photography sector, with a solo show of the renowned french artist Louis Jammes.

Pull up to booth AP404 !

Between 1993 and 1995 the artist and photographer Louis Jammes captures unknown characters on the streets of Sarajevo during the siege of the Bosnian capital and gives them a face and angel wings. Then he glues these giant angel portraits on the destroyed walls of the besieged city. 

And suddenly the life seems paradoxically taking its course thanks to their appearance on the city walls. Feeling of peace, nostalgia, beauty.

Louis Jammes began work in the beginning of the 80s in the flux of the French  » Figuration Libre » movement. He created photographs of famous artists, like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel, Robert Combas and Jean-Michel Basquiat. As subjects for his work, his unique style portraiture is realized by mixing photograph and painting.

But the artist also seeks to explore the world. He went to places where reporters and war correspondents go. 

Whether in Tunisia, Chechnya, at the Berlin Wall (1989), in Chernobyl (1990-1991), Sarajevo (1993), Africa (1996), Chechnya (1986), Gaza (1996-97), North Siberia (1999), Iraq (2004), Egypt (2012-2013), Louis Jammes doesn’t photograph barbarism but the victims, mostly children, alone in a scenery he reworks subsequently in painting. He introduces beauty and immortality where there is suffering and chaos.

Jamme’s work has been exhibited, published, and collected around the world, just to name a few: Museum of Modern Art of Paris, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Gallery, Collection Lambert in Avignon, Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Galerie du jour Agnès b, Maeght Gallery, Arab World Institute, Palace of Fine Arts of Charleroi, RX Gallery, French Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of Seville, CAPC of Bordeaux, Museum of Fine Arts of Tulle, Museum of Fine Arts of Carcassonne, Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art…

Louis Jammes – Sarajevo Angel – Sarajevo National Library
Black & White photography, giclée print on FineArt Baryta paper, 50×70 cm, 1993-2022
Edition of 10, signed and numbered