Duplex100m2 at Parallel Art Fair – Vienna from 23rd to 27th September 2015

Duplex100m2 presents Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout and Bojan Stojčić

Bojan Stojčić :

Bojan Stojčić (1988) is artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated Graphic Design an Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and finished his master thesis about drawing in the same institution. His work was shown in multiple national and international exhibitions. Bojan Stojčić was «ZVONO award for young artist» finalist in 2014, and was awarded «Best classical drawing» on the National drawing Biennale of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same year.

Bojan Stojčić’s work is based primarily on interventions in public space (both physical and virtual). His interventions are primarily textual and almost always demonstrate intimate thoughts and ideas of the artist. Positioned in particular places or set on different objects coming from artist’s living space, all his works carry a message that is clear, sometimes painfully realistic, sarcastic and most of the time funny. More than that, some works (realised in different institutions) are politically and socially engaged and use the space itself to bring about these written metaphors. Works done in studio are mostly text based drawings, or drawings that incorporate different narratives pictorial or textual.

Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout :

On the works of Irena Eden and Stijn Lernout develop stage sets, sceneries, displays, architectural sculptures, and architecture. In contrast to 1960s and 1970s art, their work is not about breaking norms or crossing the boundaries of genre but about revitalizing the heteronomous possibilities of art and the negation of the dictates of autonomy.

Taking the concept of autonomy associated with modern art as a starting point and moving beyond it at the same time, they design architectures (Wegzehrung, 2005; Radio uk WM, 2006) as a means of public affairs and social communication. They conceive of architectural installations as a form of language, a way of thinking whose material translation of metaphors into form prompts sociopolitical reflection. Architecture serves as a quintessential connection of aesthetics and function, as an open-ended repertoire with fixed rules.
Eden and Lernout’s installations provide frames of reference and orientation that retool or reroot ideas and foster new avenues of perception. They build models (La isla bonita, 2007) whose spatial arrangement generates new horizons of experiencing knowledge. In a playful fashion, their space-related sculptures open up new data structures, the graphic interface of which is open to democratic and anti-hierarchical reception.
With their works, they challenge the concept of the self-contained common body in terms of its unity and homogeneity and invest empty spaces with symbolic expression.
The concept of space was first defined as a vessel for objects and only later as concept or configuration space. The invention of perspective revolutionized the way we think and the concept of space accompanying it, thus making new representations possible. In the era of Art Nouveau, spatial thinking and the notion of spatial order were, above all, guided by social awareness. For the first time, space was seen as a whole, allowing for compositions of the interrelated spaces of a harmonious, inseparable whole into spatially economical structures.

Parralel Vienna presentation :

Parallel Vienna is taking place for the third time in Vienna and remains true to its principle of using abandoned property in the city centre as a presentation platform for new and established art. Parallel Vienna 2015 is a fully curated show entitled “Another Destination”. The Parallel Vienna curator team chooses galleries, artists and curators and additionally invites project spaces which fit into the overall concept. In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Chancellery, a group of six independent curators will be chosen by the Parallel team to design their own space.

This year, galleries, artists, project spaces and curators will be exclusively invited and selected by Parallel Vienna. In 2015, Parallel Vienna is using the extensive premises of the Alte Post in the first district as a platform for contemporary art, thereby creating a unique framework for innovative exhibits, exchanges and sales – instant and cutting edge. Parallel Vienna pools the urban forces of contemporary art production and offers an insight into different scenes, communities and areas of Vienna.

Parallel Vienna presents young and aspiring as well as established artistic works and collects art initiatives of every kind – art associations, galleries, project spaces, curated project spaces and artist spaces – all under one roof.

Parallel Vienna therefore combines streams of Viennese artistic creation with international trends and contributes to the active networking of young creative people by establishing a professional platform for them in the extensive space of the Alte Post.

Parallel Vienna 2015 exhibits and trades; includes, not excludes. The presentation platform is a hub, a trading centre and an experimental zone. A meeting point for subcultural issues and quality-assured matters of art. Parallels stand next to one another, never cut each other off, yet nevertheless form a loose alliance. However, in the collective association with limitless participants, you can encounter infinity.

Parallel Vienna 2015 is an art show, exhibition, gallery and studio. As a meta-organisation whose do-it-yourself (DIY) principle translates into the infrastructure of the artistic institution, the exhibition platform manages itself: a trading centre for new ideas and a dedicated testing ground for self-professionalisation. This year, Parallel Vienna presents an insight into and divergent works of new and established contemporary art for the third time with around 150 national and international artists, 30 galleries, project spaces and artist spaces, as well as 6 independent curators.

Parallel Vienna takes place at the same time as the Vienna Contemorary (22. – 27.09)

memory knows no distance« Memory knows no distance », Bojan Stojčić, color photography, edition of 10, 2015