Dear friends, art lovers and collectors, 

Our gallery spaces at Obala Kulina Bana in Sarajevo are today close.

After 13 years of activities and after a long reflexion I finally decided to close the gallery spaces for a while. It is the right moment to re-think our strategy and our action in Sarajevo.

Since 2004 the Galerija10m2 and Duplex100m2 have been organized more than 200 exhibitions in Sarajevo, and 25 projects outside have been done in Belgrade, Zagreb, Paris, Budapest, Athena, New-Orleans, New-York, Vienna, Annecy, Stockholm, Montreal…

Since the very beginning, the main goal of the gallery never changed, promoting contemporary art scene from Bosnia-Herzegovina inside and outside of the country and inviting artists from all over the world to show their works in Sarajevo.

We had the huge pleasure and privilege to work with so many great artists, especially from Bosnia-Herzegovina. I may say a big thanks to all of them; nothing would have been possible without them. It has been a big artistic adventure full of discoveries and pleasure.

I would like to thank all friends, amateurs, collectors, art lovers and art professionals for their trust and their support, they were always behind us making our dreams possible. Also, I would like to thank people close to me for their love and support over the years, especially Agnes B for her indefensible and precious support.

We are today located in a working studio close to Hotel Europa in the centre of Sarajevo, keeping our activities as art advisor, art dealer and art curator focusing on new projects with new partners in Sarajevo and worldwide.

The first project will be the exhibition “The Sarajevo Storage – Collection Pierre Courtin” gathering more than 80 artists, the opening exhibition will be at the National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Sarajevo on June 14th 2018 at 20:00. 

Another very crucial projet is the production of a new book called “Duplex100m2 & Contemporary Art in Bosnia & Herzegovina” mixing 15 years of archives and a  theoretical part written by art historians, curators, art directors, sociologists, philosophers…

It will be a book to keep in hands our memories, it will be a book to share our memories with others.

The book will be completed and available mid October 2018.

Sometimes hard choices make the future better, 2018 is the year of big changes, I am definitely working on this way!

With love, always,

Pierre Courtin

DUPLEX100m2 – SARAJEVO – 2012/2017

Duplex100m2, Obala Kulina bana 22/1, Sarajevo

“Without culture we have even less”. I had to think about these words, visiting Sarajevo a few weeks ago. Meeting and speaking with artists, art institutions and cultural workers in Sarajevo, I am now convinced: with culture, old and new, we can achieve more and better! However, just like everywhere else, Sarajevo needs to invent new organizational and financial models in order to ‘make’ culture work for today and tomorrow.
What Duplex has been and is doing is a perfect example!»

Chris Dercon, director of Tate Modern.

Duplex100m2 – Obala Kulina bana 22 – SARAJEVO – 2012/2017

« Art is making life more interesting than art » Robert Filiou

« May be excused my total liberty » Antonin Artaud

« I am my own government » GustaveCourbet

Duplex10m2 has been situated on a new address in the city-center of Sarajevo since July 2012 and has since then emerged into Duplex100m2. The gallery’s new address is Obala Kulina Bana 22. The new space is an apartment of 100m2 built in the Austrian-Hungarian style with a view on the Miljacka River, devoted to contemporary art. It is separated into two parts. The first part, the “living room”, kept its domestic character, while at the same time serving as an office, a space for meetings and discussions, and a show room for the presentation of artistic works. The second part of the apartment is dedicated to exhibitions: two standard white cube exhibition spaces.

From 2004, Duplex100m2 supports the art scene of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. It hosts numerous artists, enables them production, exhibition and presentation of their works; plans and organizes exhibitions on the local, regional and international level; it enhances the visibility of art in Bosnia and Herzegovina out of its boarders, especially on international contemporary art fairs; it makes connections between numerous contemporary art actors – artists, curators, institutional representatives and private partners; everything with the aim to foster new projects and establish an unusual platform of artistic encounters.

Duplex100m2, with its strong network and on-the-ground experience, also develops its service and advisory activities for international project leaders in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina: agencies, institutions, companies, and individuals who are active in the field of art and culture. Duplex’s team ensures total or partial planning, implementation, communication, logistical support and monitoring of projects.

Duplex100m2 is expanding its activities in a space which at the same time serves as an exhibition space, manufacturing shop, agency for project design and development, show room for hosting art lovers and art collectors, as well as a space of encounters and actions.

Duplex100m2 is supported by agnès b. Endowment Fund


Od jula 2012. godine, Duplex10m2 se nalazi na novoj adresi u centru Sarajeva i postaje Duplex100m2. Galerija se od sada nalazi na adresi Obala Kulina Bana 22. Radi se o stanu od 100m2 koji je građen u austro-ugarskom stilu sa pogledom na rijeku Miljacku, a koji je posvećen savremenoj umjetnosti. Stan je podijeljen na dva dijela. Prvi dio, „dnevni boravak“, koji je zadržao karakteristike životnog prostora, služi kao ured, prostor u kojem se odvijaju susreti i diskusije, te kao stalni show room umjetničkih dijela koje predstavljamo. Drugi dio stana se dijeli na dvije prostorije posvećene izložbama: dva standardna izložbena prostora u formi bijele kocke (white cube).

Od 2004. godine, Duplex100m2 podržava umjetničku scenu u Sarajevu, Bosni i Hercegovini i na Balkanu, ugošćava mnoge umjetnike, omogućava im da proizvode, izlažu i predstavljaju svoje radove, osmišlja i organizuje izložbe na lokalnom, regionalnom i međunarodnom nivou, potiče vidljivost umjetnosti u Bosni i Hercegovini izvan njenih granica, naročito na međunarodnim sajmovima savremene umjetnosti, povezuje veliki broj aktera savremene umjetnosti – umjetnike, kustose, odgovorne osobe u institucijama, privatne partnere, a sve u cilju poticanja novih projekata i konkretizacije neobične platforme umjetničkih susreta.

Duplex100m2, sa svojom snažnom mrežom i velikim iskustvom na terenu, razvija također uslužne i savjetodavne aktivnosti prema međunarodnim nosiocima projekata u Sarajevu i Bosni i Hercegovini: agencijama, institucijama, preduzećima i fizičkim licima koji djeluju na polju umjetnosti i kulture. Tim Duplexa100m2 osigurava potpuno ili djelomično osmišljavanje, provedbu, komunikaciju, logističku podršku i praćenje provedbe samog projekta.

Duplex100m2 proširuje svoje aktivnosti u prostoru koji služi istovremeno kao izložbeni prostor, radionica, agencija za osmišljavanje i proizvodnju projekata, show room koji ugošćava ljubitelje umjetnosti i kolekcionare, te kao mjesto susreta i djelovanja.

Fond za donacije agnès b. podržavaju Duplex100m2.

DUPLEX100m2 (FR)

Depuis Juillet 2012 Duplex10m2 a une nouvelle adresse dans le centre-ville de Sarajevo et devient la galerie Duplex100m2. La galerie est désormais située sur le quai Obala Kulina Bana, au numéro 22. C’est un appartement de 100m2, au style austro-hongrois et avec vue sur la rivière Miljacka, qui est aujourd’hui dédié à l’art contemporain. L’appartement est divisé en deux parties complémentaires. La première partie, le « séjour », qui conserve le caractère domestique du lieu, fait office de bureau, de salon accueillant rencontres et discussions, et de show room permanent d’œuvres d’artistes que nous défendons. La seconde partie de l’appartement se décline en espaces alloués aux expositions : deux salles d’expositions standard en white-cube.

Depuis 2004 Duplex100m2 soutient la scène artistique de Sarajevo, de Bosnie-Herzégovine et des Balkans, accueille de nombreux artistes, leur permet de produire, d’exposer et de diffuser leurs travaux, conçoit et reçoit des expositions confrontant les scènes locale, régionale et internationale, développe la visibilité de l’art de Bosnie-Herzégovine en-dehors de ses frontières, principalement lors des foires internationales d’art contemporain, met en relation un grand nombre d’acteurs de l’art contemporain, artistes, curateurs, responsables d’institutions, partenaires privés, tous d’horizons différents, afin de susciter de nouveaux projets et de mettre en actes concrets une plateforme singulière de rencontres artistiques.

Duplex100m2, forte de son réseau et de son expérience du terrain, développe également une activité de service et de conseil à destination des porteurs internationaux de projets à Sarajevo et en Bosnie-Herzégovine : agences, institutions, entreprises et particuliers engagés dans les domaines de l’art et de la culture. Son équipe assure tout ou partie de la conception, des étapes de réalisation, communication, de la production logistique et du suivi opérationnel d’un projet.

Duplex100m2 étend donc ses activités dans un lieu qui tient tout à la fois de l’espace d’exposition, de l’atelier de production, de l’agence de conception et de production de projets, du show-room accueillant amateurs et collectionneurs, de lieu de rencontres et de résidence.

Duplex100m2 est soutenue par le Fonds de dotation agnès b

DUPLEX100m2 – PROGRAM – 2012/2017

July 2012 – Re-Opening Duplex100m2

Collective exhibition : Baptiste Debombourg, Adela Jušić, Ibro Hasanović, Christophe Herreros, Nina Knežević, Milomir Kovačević, Kosta Kulundzić, Camille Laurelli, Marianne Marić, Radenko Milak, Damir Nikšić, Renata Papišta, Damir Radović, Edo Vejselović

October 2012 – The art it’s just air

Solo exhibition – Mathieu Valade

November 2012 – Archaeology of Body / Anthropology of Violence

Collective exhibition : Jenny Holzer, Lana Čmajčanin, Sarah Managt

December/January 2013 – I have said too much, I have said enough

Solo exhibition – Radenko Milak

December/January 2013 – I have said too much, I have said enough

Solo exhibition – Radenko Milak

January 2013 – Show-Room

Collective exhibition – Baptiste Debombourg, Zijah Gafić, Boris Hodak, Adela Jušić, Andy Kania, Milomir Kovačević, Miodrag Manojlović, Radenko Milak, Renata Papista, Damir Radović

February 2013 – May be untitled

Solo exhibition : Aleksandra Nina Knežević

March 2013 – What has our struggle given us?

Solo exhibiton : Adela Jušić

April 2013 – Spectre

Solo exhibiton : Ibro Hasanović

June 2013 – Gens una Sumus

Solo exhibiton : Milomir Kovačević

August 2013 – Show Room 2

Collective exhibiton : Lana Čmajčanin, Nela Hasanbegović, Adela Jušić, Nina Knežević, Milomir Kovačević, Ibro Hasanović, Radenko Milak, Mladen Miljanović, Damir Nikšić, Renata Papišta, Damir Radović, Daniel Premec, Edo Vejselović

September/October 2013 – Retrovision

Solo exhibiton : Baptiste Debombourg

November 2013 – I was in Kossovo

Collective exhibition : Ergys Zhabjaku, Danko Stjepanović, Bojan Mrdenović, Antoan Kurti, Majlinda Hoxha, Vigan Nimani, Lazar Simeonov, Tomislav Georgiev, Maja Medić, Matjaz Rust

November 2013 – Sarajevo Culture Bureau

Lecture : Jonathan Blackwood, Pierre Courtin, Elma Hodzić moderated by Aida Salketić

December 2013 – Mama I am OK in the Neon Green

Solo exhibition : Dante Buu curated by Selja Kamerić

January 2014 – Beyond below above / A gravity that slumbers

Solo exhibition : Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout

January 2014 – No(w) Future / Contemporary dance in BiH

Lecture : Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović, Nevena Planinšek, Elma Selman

February/March 2014 – A Parallel Universe: Contemporary Art from Macedonia

Collective exhibition : Filip Jovanovski, Maja Kirovska, Angel Miov, OPA (Denis Saraginvoski and Slobodanka Stevceska) curated by Jon Blackwood

March 2014 – Sound Night

Performance by Ambrosia with Ognjen Šavija, Nebojša Šavija-Valha, Elvir Šahić, Maja Zećo and Hana Alivodić

April 2014 – It is not the litteral past that rules us, it is image of the past…

Solo exhibition : Igor Bošnjak

May 2014 – Rose Sarajevo

Solo exhibition : Marianne Marić

June/July 2014 – Never Ending Stories

Collective exhibition : Šejla Kamerić, Milomir Kovačević, Radenko MIlak, Selman Trtovac

September/October 2014 – 7 Brother events Brothers

Solo exhibition : Damir Radović

November 2014 – Pravo Ljudski Festival

Screening and workshop : Julia Yezbick, Chris Marker, John Smith, Denis Côté, Margarida Rêgo, Susann Maria Hempel, Ulrike Ottinger

November 2014 – Do you think I am funny? Do you find me tragic?

Screening and lecture by Martijn Verhoeven with Bas Jan Ader, Mayaan Amir/ Ruti Sela, Maarten Boekweit, Gitte Hendriks, Ilona Rybka

December 2014 – Self-Replication

Solo exhibition : Nela Hasanbegović

January 2015 – Winter selected art works

Collective exhibition : Martin Argyroglo, Dženat Dreković, Taida Jašarević, Milomir Kovačević, Radenko Milak, Edo Vejselović, Nardina Zubanović

February/March 2015 – Giorgio Morandi, Department Store

Solo exhibition : Jusuf Hadžifejzović

April 2015 – Zvono Award

Collective exhibition – Finalists: Mila Panić, Bojan Stojčić, Irma Markulin, Selma Selman.
Winner: Selma Selman

May 2015 – Have a look into my life! Self-representation of Roma in Contemporary Art

Collective exhibition : Robert Olaf Gabris, Gabi Jiménez, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Mihails Kokarevics, Kiba Lumberg, Lidija Mirković, Denis Mustafa, Sami Mustafa, Nihad Nino Pušija,  Roma Kale Panthera, Věra Duždová, Tamara Moyzes, Marina Rosselle, George Mihai Vasilescu

May 2015 – Among the people

Lecture : Velimir Zilnik

June 2015 – Geopolitical Zones of the Present

Solo exhibition : Lana Čmajčanin

June 2015 – Maydan hundred portraits

Solo exhibition : Emeric Lhuisset – Warm festival

July 2015 – Good Children Gallery presents Material

Collective exhibition : Generic Art Solutions, Malcolm McClay, Lala Raščic, Christopher Saucedo, Dan Tague

August 2015 – Introduction to Contemporary Art in BiH

Launch book by Jon Blackwood and collective exhibition with Adela Jušić, Milomir Kovačević, Nina Knežević, Mladen Miljanović, Renata Papišta, Selma Selman, Bojan Stojić, Marianne Marić, Taida Jašarević, Radenko Milak

September/November 2015 – Sara-Eve 1993-2015

Solo exhibition : Louis Jammes

November – Pravo Ljudski Festival

Screening and workshop : Sarah Vanagt, Katrien Vanagt, Manuel Mozos, Alberto Gambato, Clarissa Thieme, Denis Côté, Sergio Oksman, Barbara Hammer

December 2015 – Their very landscape is Alive

Solo exhibition : disTRUKTURA

January 2016 – Being Present

Solo exhibition : Bojan Stojčić

February 2016 – I had a dream

Solo exhibition : Gordana Anđelić-Galić

March 2016 – Dates

Solo exhibition : Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek

April 2016 – Sarajevo Time Travel Agency

Solo exhibition : Hörner & Antlfinger curated by Darija Šimunović

May 2016 – Franz Ferdinand Project

Collective exhibition : Stéphane Bonjour, Lana Čmajčanin, diSTRUKTURA, Marianne Marić, Damir Radović, Selman Trtovac

June 2016 – Činčilart Performance

Solo exhibition : Činčila crew

June 2016 – Untitled

Solo exhibition : Enrico Dagnino – Warm festival

July/August 2016 – Kupujmo domaće!

Collective exhibition : Jim Marshall, Damir Radović, Damir Nikšić, Lana Čmajčanin, Radenko Milak, Daniel Premec, Renata Papista, Edo Vejselović, Selman Trtova, Marianne Marić, Radenko Milak, Milomir Kovačević, Renata Papista Renata Papista, Nardina Zubanović, Pierre Courtin, Gordana Anđelić-Galić, Nela Hasanbegović, Šejla Kamerić, Dante Buu, Aleksandra Nina Knežević, Enes Žuljević, Selma Selman, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Bojan Stojčić, Damir Šagolj, Dženat Dreković, Kasja Jerlagić, Alexandra Lopatić, Miodrag Manojlović, Adela Jušić, Dženan Hadžihasanović, Mak Hubjer, Mladen Miljanović, Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek

September 2016 – Tabernacle

Solo exhibition : Andrej Đerković

October 2016 – Absence

Solo exhibition : Gordana Anđelić-Galić

November 2016 – Pravo Ljudski Festival

Screening and workshop

December/January 2017 – Video-Salon 7

Collective exhibition involving 300 artists

January 2017 – Migratory experience in Bosnian and Herzegovinian contemporary art

Lecture by Irfan Hošić

February 2017 – Never Ending Stories

Solo exhibition : Pierre Courtin curated by Claudia Zini

March 2017 – Real but not true

Solo exhibition : Adela Jušić

April 2017 – The Gardens of Stolac, the garden of Europe

Collective exhibition : Gilles Clément, Jacques Ferrandez, Chloé Traband & Julia Coquelle, Coloco, Paysagistes sans frontières, Joséphine Billey, Samuel Berthet and the National School of Architecture of Versailles.

May 2017 – Solo Show

Solo exhibition : Dante Buu

June 2017 – Phantom Caravan

Solo exhibition : Maja Ružnić

June 2017 – Sarajevo – l*a*tribu*t de l’art

Launch book. Edited by Pierre Courtin, Pierre-Philippe Freymond & Christophe Solioz

June/July 2017 – Drawing the war

Solo exhibition : Mevludin Ekmečić curated by Claudia Zini

July/October – Kupujmo domaće!

Collective exhibition : Milomir Kovačević, Thomas Nolf, Ziyah Gafić, Radenko Milak, Nela Hasanbegović, Bojan Stojčić, Gordana Anđelić-Galić, Selman Selman, Kosta Kulundzić, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Marianne Marić, Renata Papista, Louis Jammes, Taida Jašarević, Ziyah Gafić, Maja Ruznić, Enrico Dagnino, Damir Radović, Edo Vejselović, Roman Uranjek, Alexandra Lepotić, Nina Komel, Ibro Hasanović, Damir Sagolj, Damir Nikšić, Kasja Jerlagić, Daniel Premec, Nardina Zubanović, Nika Oblat & Primoz Novak, Mak Hubjer, Adela Jušić, Dzenat Dreković, Camille Valentin, Hector Morić, Mladen Miljanović