Selma Selman

Skills: Duplex 2012-2018


Selma Selman, Installation in-situ, Project Biennial, Konic, BiH, 2015Exhibition view, 3rd Project Biennial of Contemporary Art, D-O ARK Underground, Konjic, BiH


2_1-1 “Mercedes 307″, black and white photography, variables sizes, 2014-2015

Installation: paintings on metal (neoironism), variables sizes, 2014

“16000 Parts”, HD Video, 7min7s, 2014

I can’t say that this is a film but it is some sort of documentary that represents communication in my family that is present in modern life due to the circumstances that we live in. This “documentary” has no director and these are not actors, these are the people that live this type of life. This is the problem that can never be solved. This type of communication is present in almost all societies, because of the problems that occurred due to the circumstances we live in. The main aim of this video is to destroy prejudice against Roma people. Concerning the discussion in this video, the ethnicity of my family plays a secondary role because all the attention is focused on the conversation.

“Do not look into Gypsy Eyes”, HD Video, 5min04s, 2013

This work is based on the stereotypes and prejudices about Roma women. As a member of this population, I want to provoke the audience and to draw their attention to the discrimination against the female gender. I they talk about us in that way for years, then I cannot guarantee that something might not happen if you look into our eyes.

Do you have a boyfriend?”, HD video, 58min, 2012

This video refers to the cultural views of my people that demand that girls should be married at the age of 13. I am already 22 years old and I don’t even have a boyfriend. In this video I was performing the people who had asked me this question.

Artist Statement :

My work is based on construction of things that are useful for the community and for individuals as well. The most important thing is that I use my identity but not to tell people that my art belongs to Roma, but my art is reality and my way of living. Growing in the ghetto and being one of the “white” girls, gives me another view of the world. As a young I was spending my childhood in the street and that makes me see myself like someone who will be capable to talk about all these things and this is when I realized that I have talent for arts. The basis of my research is through paintings, installations, performances, photography and video works to show to all the societies the picture of life. Also, because am the Roma I use my identity and experience in this research too. With my culture, traditions and customs, by using pictures and sounds, I teach those people who are not Roma about us, and I talk about all the problems we are all experiencing nowadays. My works are also general ideas which serve to stimulate individuality and also make it stronger for not only the Roma, but also all human societies in general. With constant learning and with getting to know myself, my works are products from my real and everyday life. They are reality. They are not fiction. Art itself for me represents a space for personal expression and also a game because I need to communicate with the world. My position and task in the system of art is to make a contemporary picture that will mean something to those who want equality in the society. Exploring the presence of the Roma in the society – according to me – is connected with destruction; a crash of sociological and cultural identity of human beings. In most of my works the main protagonist is myself, because I think that it is important to take part in something what you believe in. Art serves to me as escapism, to escape from bad things that I am confronted within the community, and not to hide what I really am. The construction of my work evokes the spectators to the content of the work and with criticizing the society I want to make people understand it. Some might say that I am a very political artist, however, I never show something directly but I do it indirectly, because you must make people think about your work. Making people happy, smile, cry, nervous, is playing a game where emotions is part of the work which artists do.