Marianne Marić

Skills: Duplex 2012-2018


Do you remember of the vmarianneisionary man Saul Wahl, the spiritual ancestor of Chalet Society ? Crowned king of Poland back in 1586 for a night, this forgotten historic figure was famous for his exceptional clairvoyance. All his life, he wrote down prophecies in a notebook that remained missing for centuries. Three years ago, his distant descendant Marc-Olivier Wahler found this archive and made it available for consultation to some historians and artists invited to present projects in connection with these prophecies.

Chalet Society pays tribute to this father figure and the budding prophet in all of us by presenting a future friendly exhibition in an authentic wooden Swiss chalet installed next to the Grand Palais, in Square de Berlin.

With: Christian Andersson, Math Bass, Diego Bianchi, Samuel Boutruche, Leidy Churchman, Nikita Gale, Loris Gréaud, Max Hooper Schneider, Stanya Kahn, Andrea Longacre-White, Marianne Maric, Theo Michael, Gianni Motti, Malvina Panagiotidi, Loukas Panayiotis, Martin Soto Climent.
Curated by: Marc-Olivier Wahler. Associate curators: Anissa Touati, Nadja Argyropoulou, Public Fiction.

THE PREDICTIONS OF SAUL WAHL, king for a night, ancestor of Chalet Society
Next to the Grand Palais, Square de Berlin, Général Eisenhower avenue
October 21-25, from 11am till 8pm
Opening on Wednesday October 21st – 5.30-7.30 pm


Grand-nuMarianne Marić, Nude, Tribute to Jean-Jacques Henner, 2012
C-Print on Hahnemühle Photorag 308gr, “Ditone“ process on Aludibond 3mm, 45x130cm, framed, Edition of 3

Mariane Marić, Nus, tirage lambda, 180x130cm, 2009Mariane Marić, Nus, tirage lambda, 180x130cm, 2009
Edition of 3

Mariane Marić, Lamp Girl, Performances, 2009-2014

Mariane Marić, Sarajevo Rose, color photography, 2014

Mariane Marić, Sarajevo Rose, 5 color photography, each 20x30cm, edition of 3, 2014

Photographie argentique noir et blanc, tirage aux sels d’argent sur papier baryté, 37x55cm
Tirage baryté réalisé par Jean-Yves Brégand, Imaginoir, Paris

Mariane Marić, 2009-2012