Baptiste Debombourg

Skills: Duplex 2012-2018

“Acceleration Field”, Laminated glass installation in le Patio – Foundation Antoine de Galbert in Paris

Acceleration Field is an contextual laminated glass installation realised in the “Patio”* of the Maison Rouge – Foundation Antoine de Galbert in Paris. It is the most complexe, and bigger glass installation ever made in outdoor from today. * prizewinner by les “amis de la Maison rouge” – Foundation Antoine de Galbert.

Baptiste Debombourg, Stellar, public intervention, Place du Bouffay, Nantes, 1200 chairs, 300m steel tube, 25x15x11cm, 2015

“Dark Matter”, solo show at “la Chaufferie” in Strasbourg, contextual installation in black glass and float glass sculpture, 2015

Baptiste Debombourg, Aggravure, Staples on prepared wood, 300x150cm, 2012

Baptiste Debombourg, Aggravure n°XXVI, Staples on prepared wood, 300x150cm, 2012