Adela Jušić

Skills: Duplex 2012-2018

When I die, you can do what you want, video, color/sound DV NTSC, 19min24s, 2011

“Hair care takes another form in Adela Jusic’s “When I die, You Can Do What You Want” in which Ms. Jusic, her face cropped out of the composition, tenderly applies dye to the hair of her grandmother, who has since died. On the soundtrack, Ms. Jusic whispers in Bosnian, retelling the stories her grandmother shared about her difficult life. “Back then it was hundred times worse,” the subtitles read, and, “Death is a pretty relief.” New-York Times, Nov 8th 2014

The Sniper, single channel video, color/sound, 4min09s, 2006

Who needs Drnč?, single channel video/sound NTSC DV, 5min40s, 2006