We Can Be Heroes, collage, painting, 210x300cm, 2018

Never Ending Stories, Black marker on paper, 70x50cm, 20015-2018, collection Agnès b, Paris

Never Ending Stories, Centre André Malraux, Sarajevo, black marker on paper, 40x50cm, 2004-2010

Never Ending Stories, exhibition views, Duplex100m2, Sarajevo, 2017

Never Ending Stories, collective exhibition “DRAW” curated by Jean-François Sanz, galerie du jour agnès b, 2008, Paris

Draw.galerie du jour. Paris

Never Ending Stories publication

Never Ending Stories, 1914-2014, drawings on paper, each 70x70cm, 2014 – Collection Art Center of Tuzla

Never Ending Stories, exhibition view, video installation, Dom Mladi, Skenderija, Sarajevo, 2010