Sarajevo Storage – National Gallery of BiH Opening June 14th 2018 at 19:00

Collection Pierre Courtin - Trio Sarajevo - Bojan Hadžihalilovic & Dada Hadžihalilović

Sarajevo Storage – Collection Pierre Courtin

Started in 2001 in Paris, the Collection Pierre Courtin consists today of a bit more than 300 pieces representing the work of about 200 artists, young and established ones coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and elsewhere.

Half of this collection is currently stocked in Paris. Some extracts of the collection have been presented in Grenoble OUI art center  in 2009, in Chicoutimi Bang art center in 2012 and on many occasions set at the Duplex100m2 Gallery.

The exhibition inside the National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina in June 2018, « Sarajevo Storage – Collection Pierre Courtin » present art works kept in the depot in Sarajevo and essentially presents the works obtained within these five last years spent in Sarajevo.

There can be found works testifying an affiliation or particular attachment to Bosnian capital, contemporary local scene, and a strong link with a history of Duplex100m2.

The exhibition is supported by the Agnès b Fondation, the Superstrat N.G.O, the French Institute in Sarajevo, Jean-François Daoulas and the National Gallery of BiH

Sarajevo Storage - Collection Pierre Courtin - Work in progress